Week Thirteen

In this final week before the end of semester and before the presentations, our group gouged the reaction of people towards the necessity of eating bugs in the future. The range of samples of food we had, despite mostly all being edible foods that people would otherwise eat happily if they had not represented bugs, were mostly rejected when offered. There were only three slightly more adventurous participants willing to eat the food samples, from which only two ate something other than a cookie (although all three ate the cookies). Reactions and opinions of eating bugs were caught on camera and collated into a video for the final presentation. Most of the reactions were of mixed disgust and apprehension.

It’s not only in the class room but across the Western world that bugs are so feared and rejected as a source of food. Bugs can very well be the meat of the future, as “…the global livestock sector responsible for 18% of the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions and grain prices reaching record highs, cheap, environmentally low-impact insects could be the food of the future–provided we can stomach them.” [1] As such our ‘object’ as it were is a very evocative and relevant one, with very strong reactions from the audience. It causes people to think and react about the future, making it a successful object. Convincing people to eat bugs would definitely not be easy or something that would happen overnight, although by 2030 it may already be a reality.

[1] http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1810336,00.html


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