Week Eleven

At this point in time our group had a few rough and vague ideas of where we wanted to head with our design; including trees that grew meat, designer food and machines that could rapidly print a meal with a certain number of calories and pickles. We were inspired by ideas such as a proposal for a 3D food printer called Moleculaire. [1] However, our focus quickly changed to something that was probably more emotionally and intellectually engaging:

The consumption of bugs as replacement for meat and cultured meats.

The reasoning behind bringing in cultured meats was largely from institutions such as SymbioticA [2] where animal cells can be used to create animal parts in a laboratory – without the need for raising and slaughtering an animal in the pursuit of food and materials such as leather. This brings in some questions such as the morality of a vegetarian eating this, the taste of the meat and so on.

The idea of eating bugs is definitely a controversial one but while it is an idea that is frowned upon in the West, many bugs are eaten in delicacies. Even in France and in French bakeries, snails can be easily sourced as food. It is very confronting, especially when it could be become considerably more likely in the future due to this being an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of sourcing protein-rich food. It again brings up the question on whether or not vegetarians would be willing to eat insects as food as well.

[1] http://www.metropolismag.com/pov/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Moleculaire-in-use_sm.jpg

[2] SymbioticA http://www.symbiotica.uwa.edu.au/


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