Week Twelve

This week involved two main things: bringing in some samples for the final food we will present to the class for speculation and giving our project a name which would bring out its core concept. The name for our project and hypothetical company that will be selling insect food and laboratory-grown meat will be Third Millennium Farming, or 3MF for short. Third Millennium Farming is an established concept [1] which focuses on micro farming, or farming insects, algae and plankton. Third Millennium Farming is likely the way of the future as the price of other food sources, especially meat, may likely sky rocket in the future due to demand and lack of land and food to produce more livestock. Insects can be farmed in huge amounts in very limited spaces. As well as this, insects and algae can be fed on human waste which closes the loop, creating a self-sustaining system unlike unsustainable modern farming.

We discussed some of the needs of the company – such as launching it towards investors who would need to be convinced that this was the future of farming and food. It may be necessary to show these people where the food of the future will come from, although it may be difficult for them to see this in action, or to “swallow the truth” as it were. However to the average consumer it may be poignant to present these items not as what they are but by giving them another name, such as how we call pig meat pork or bacon.

[1] http://www.cityfarmer.info/2010/02/12/third-millennium-farming-3mf-insect-farming-in-cities/


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