Week Nine


“Although we cannot change reality, we can change people’s perceptions of it.” [1] This quote from Dunne and Raby is a great summation of speculation: it is how we make people feel and importantly think about things. Their project is called ‘Placebo’; a great name, as the idea of the placebo effect can be applied to all speculative objects to challenge people’s feelings towards the future. Even though the objects may not be functional, they will still give out a feeling to the person interacting with them.

For example, this Electro-draught excluder, despite not actually absorbing radiation, will give the user the feeling that it does simply by being told that it is the object’s purpose.


My final submission for this speculative design poster featured a character with six different scenarios. The character existed in a cyberspace, eliminating the need for travel and physical face to face communication with other people; as quoted by one of my interviewees “face to face communication will be supplanted by social media.” It was intended to speculate on the idea of our ever increasing reliance of social media and how we will come to depend on it in a future where there will be less and less resources available for travel, a long with some other ideas pulled out of the interviews conducted, such as convenience. It borrowed a lot from such as ideas as the Matrix and other sci-fi films, which have been a great source of speculation for a long time.

There were some other interesting and varied ideas for where we might be heading in the future. One poster by Megan Allison depicted ‘positivism’, a political ideology of the future where happiness was forced on the people with a 1984 twist. This is a very provocative idea because it brings in a moral grey area; is being happy really worth it if we don’t have a choice? There was also a recurring theme with a number of iPhone like devices which added convenience and a lack of privacy to our life, as well as one scenario where Apple seemed to have taken over the world, which I found amusing.


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