Week Ten


Loosely based on the novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ by Phillip K. Dick, Bladerunner [1] by director Ridley Scott has been a huge source of speculation and analysis. One of the themes I found most relevant here was the ideas of how we should respond to cyborgs and robotics. This links back to the discussions from the first week.


The lecture this week, our final lecture for the semester, concerned speculative objects and what they should be, how to plan and develop them, as well as what they achieve. In discussing art vs design, I liked this particular quote from the lecture which defined a speculative object as being distinct from art – “speculative design helps us reflect on our relationship with technology.”

One of my favourite images from this week’s lecture was that of Dunne and Raby’s Huggable Atomic Plush [2], which contradicted fears of nuclear warfare with the desire to hug this cute and cuddly plush toy.


In this week we were issued a copy of Cosmos and told to grab the ideas and themes from the article or articles that seemed most important to us. After reading through the articles, which all proposed interesting ideas for the state of the world in 2030, we went with Food and Energy as our two topics of most interest. I feel that these two topics are both probably the most important issues and as such give the most room for particularly powerful speculative design. Our ideas and themes that we would like to pursue further can be seen in the following picture of our post-it note exercise.

[1] Scott, R. (1982) Bladerunner (Feature Film)
[2] http://www.dunneandraby.co.uk/content/books/66/0


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